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kirk-landkills asked: I love your blog! I just got an apt in San Francisco and I always look at your blog for ideas. Can you give me any advice for secondary clothing storage for a small room, preferably stand up clothing organizers?


Hi! i’m sorry for answering this so late, I somehow failed to see it in my message box! It’s great that my blog gives you so much inspiration! As I also said in another message I don’t know that much about furniture stores and specific pieces of furniture. But I may give you some tips that are usefull.

If the space is limited the best advice I can give you is using the height of the room. IKEA is well known for great solutions when it comes to small spaces. I personally am a big fan of clothing racks to show of the prettiest clothes, by adding shelves you really create a lot of storage.

Open wardrobe in bedroom via Avenue Lifestyle


On the picture above you see the IKEA Stolmen system. You can pick out exactly what you want (shelves/racks/drawers) and you use the entire height of the room.

I’m not sure if it’s exactly what you wanted but I hope I could help you our a little bit.

Shelves above wardrobe. Brilliant idea for utilizing otherwise unusable space.